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Sea into the light.

I wasn’t sure where to start with this one. Having been busy with other commitments I have not been able to paint for a while, but was very keen to get back to it. However, I was not feeling well and also uncreative. Staring at a blank canvas, in pain, frustrated at the limitations of the two dimensional object in front of me, my first action was to jab at the canvas causing some holes.

Unfortunately, these holes were all vertical and once I picked up a brush I found myself painting in vertical lines. Something that felt wrong for me at the time. I have taken a few snapshots of the progress of this piece and it changes along the way. It only really began to develop for me once I included curved lines. The painting process started with the use of large brushes, progressing onto palette knife and finally with the use of fingers and fingernails; then to finish, back to the brush. The holes in the canvas became largely redundant along the way, though that is no problem for me. The finished painting is a reflection of the journey along the way and the holes were part of that journey.

A friend of mine saw this painting just as it was finished and in his honest way asked ’what is it’ ‘I don’t know, just an exercise.

Now it’s finished I can see the face of a young girl, or maybe a lighthouse on a stormy night being attacked by a sea monster’ I answered.

‘Ah, he replies, I thought it was a door knob and a reflection onto a flower, it should be called ‘see into the light’

‘Well, that’s good enough for me’ it was only an exercise after all’. In the end I changed the spelling of the word see as it kept the options open.

Oh, and also my daughter thinks it is a giant mushroom.


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