Post or collection

Paintings can be posted, or if you are local to Hartlepool you could drop me a line and we could arrange a time for pickup saving the shipping costs.

If you require a painting to be posted, please allow three days for me to get it packed securely (though I will try to get it out to you sooner). As paintings often vary in size, I will very likely need to construct a suitable box for it. I am not looking for payment for the work on sending out paintings and the making of boxes; basically just something towards the cost of materials and postage.


Caring for paintings

Some simple rules here. Paintings do not like direct sunlight. Further to this, try to avoid humid atmospheres (can cause mildew or foxing to paintings) or extreme temperatures.

When cleaning, the frame is best cleaned with a damp cloth, though avoid touching the painting. The painting itself is often best cleaned with a feather duster (I use a goat hair brush) lifting dust away from the painting and avoiding any rubbing effect. If  there are stubborn marks, professional advice should be sought. Personally, I would risk a barely damp cloth to the affected area (on oils and acrylics, the texture paintings are suitable for a duster only), though this is by no guarantee that the painting will not be affected. Oil paints can dry to a surface skin within days, though to be varnished (not always a good idea and certainly only professional artists varnishes should be used) the painting should be left for at least one year. It can actually take an oil painting a hundred years to settle completely. Watercolours and gouache paintings should always be behind glass.

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