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One of a pair of related beach paintings. Living near the sea I often walk along the water’s edge. A good time for contemplation, the mind picks up all sorts of seemingly random thoughts. I became fascinated that the tide comes in twice a day, this fluid liquid casually running over a highly textured surface. This event that covers many miles across the globe became rather intriguing and led to these two paintings. The original versions were painted in 1980, a time when I was feeling particularly vulnerable, those and indeed this pair have a rather desolate feel to them. I had considered adding a flag to the sandcastle painting to produce a more amenable result (it would have been an England flag as football fell flat on its face at the time of painting) along with a bucket and spade by the footsteps on the second footsteps painting. I decided against this in keeping with the original versions and also my feelings at the time these were produced. Another thing I have noticed by the sea is how under bright sunlight the sea can show a lemon yellow toward the horizon. Can be quite surreal at times.


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