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This painting came about partly due to my love of LP record cover art and partly as a nod to the days of concept albums and their 70’s view on ‘brave new world’. The half price sticker on the painting is a hint that this fictitious LP never sold well and was not likely to be very popular. The first monkey in space, before us humans dared dip our toes in, looks accusingly at evolution. He stares from his own little lonely world, reflecting our own lonely world below. I couldn’t resist turning his helmet into an old TV set. After all, our curiosity would have us all glued in front of the box from the safety of our comfy seats. The chimp was named Ham, rather than having a familiar name, to avoid bad publicity should the 1961 mission be a failure. On touchdown he nearly drowned, though was given half an orange and an apple for his endeavours.


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