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Original acrylic painting, part of the textured 'a different world' series. Something of a minimilist painting, 'the divide' is purely about the dividing line betweeen the sky and the wall. Of course, the actual line doesn't exist, no matter how intense it can seem, but one thing for sure, if we look to the left we see fluid skies and maybe even a glimpse to inifinity (or are we to believe that the universe is something akin to a mobius strip these days). Whatever, it sure is a distance. And then, if we look just a little to the right, we see just as far as a few feet away, to a highly textured wall. This dividing line has fascinated me for decades. I almost titled this painting 'head in the clouds', as I have been told that many a time. Then again, if I were to leave a night club early in the morning, and all around me are people milling about, wrapped up safe in the moment, laughing, singing, arguing, brawling, puking and flagging down taxis, and then I raise my head just a little, I can see forever. Having said that, it's not a good idea to observe these dividing lines while crossing a road.... belive me, it's the true.


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