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Okey Dokes... My latest works can be found under ‘a different world’; something of an amalgamation of earlier work. In these paintings there is often the grittiness of the dock scenes and the steam engine paintings, something of the so called harsh North East image as in the rough sea paintings, plenty of the expressionist paintings that focus on feelings and past events.  I throw in the odd moment of fun too, after all ‘you have to laugh’ as they say.  Although overall, my work to date appears to be varied, I feel common threads throughout; just that the painting technique has changed from time to time.

These new works have a high textural ‘organic’ feel to them. I use sand, chalk, seacoal, whatever, in an under painting to give a textural base to work on. I want the viewer to feel what I feel, to become immersed in the subject. The subjects themselves are by and large my life as it is now. If I cannot afford a field trip to the Lake District, where the accepted beauty is, and would without a doubt be breathtaking, then what do I do? Pine and bemoan my loss, or find hope and beauty in my closer surroundings. These are the things I know, the so called mundane, a small corner of the world that is only good for cleaning up, or a small world of incredibly delicate tones and hues, of intimate textures; a world within a world. I grew up on this, like bread and jam. I know it, day in day out. It is what it is.

Working on these texture paintings, I start with a photo, but almost always abandon it half way through, so as to subtly tweak away at the work to express my feelings and show what it is that moves me. In that respect it loses it’s ‘it is what it is’ tag, but becomes my interpretation. I am happy with this; I create these little blighters after all. And, after all, it could be argued that just because my eye sees one thing, my inner eye sees differently, and therefore am still painting what I see.

There is a tightrope I feel, to be walked when painting. If I paint only the derelict, in what is becoming traditionally aesthetic, then this ‘mundane’ can become irrelevant as nothing more than pretty decor, or Gordon Gekko bricks.  Nothing wrong with that, it’s just that there is more. On the other hand, my instinct to take these paintings to their logical conclusion could lead me to spend weeks painting a blank wall of plaster or worse still paint a wall of brand new bricks or concrete without the character of the derelict. What then? That would be the obvious next step. As in, do I go in search of the derelict and its gorgeous textures, etc, or truly paint the life around me. For example, the old docks where I live are long gone; there were acres of subject matter that moved me (I spent much of my childhood on these derelict lands as a grubby kid). But they are gone with a shiny new marina with many a new and hopeful wall replacing them. If I follow down the path I am taking I could go a little insane painting walls, of nothing but brand new bricks in search of the beauty there, getting deeper and deeper. It is there; just have to spend a little more time and depth in reaching it. Dangerous territory, but it must be considered.

My aim is to produce art. On the one hand avoiding commercial decor for nostalgia sake, but also avoiding going too far down the road of taking it too far, not only alienating everyone, but also getting in too deep so as to be useless to myself. A tightrope it is; aiming to be one foot ahead of the crest of a wave.

Then again...... it looks like life is about getting from A to B.

Rob Ridley


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Sea Wall

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Climb Every Mountain

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The Divide (SOLD)

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Fast food outlet

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Hole in the wall

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Hide and Seek

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